Boehm Science Center (BH)


Boehm Science Center is shared by the Biological and Physical Science departments. In addition to the shared facilities, each science department has its own specifically tailored facilities.

Geology is located on the first floor. There are laboratories for hard rock, soft rock and general geology. The geology department also has additional rooms for rock cleaning, research and storage.

Biology, which is located on the second floor, has laboratories, a cold room, instrument room, seminar room, autoclave, dark room, sterile room, wet lab, marine tank room, museum, herbarium, greenhouse and eight student-faculty research laboratories.

Chemistry, housed on the third floor. has advanced laboratories, an organic instrument room, advanced instrumentation room and three student-faculty research laboratories.

Physics, located on the fourth floor, has laboratories as well as two student-faculty research spaces, one machine shop and three advanced experiment rooms.

Guarding the east entrance to Boehm is a skeletal reproduction of a Cretaceous-era Elasmosaurus, a marine reptile that spans three stories. It is one of numerous interesting displays throughout the building.


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